Once again, Kansas Accessible Sports is holding the Matt Bollig Golf Tournament(MBGT).  This will be the 5th Annual MBGT.  It will be Friday, Sept 16th, 2016 this year.  We are excited for the event again this year and appreciate those who supported KAS last year. 

MBGT Golf Tournament Event Link


KAS 2015-16 Highlights.

Basketball Highlights:

-       Won the NWBA Midwest conference title again.

-       Attended basketball tournaments in Chicago, IL, Lincoln, NE, Columbia, MO and Kansas City, MO

-       Held our own conference tournament in Lawrence, KS.

-       Held weekly practices in Lawrence, KS working with Lawrence Parks and Rec.


Softball Highlights:

-       Our softball team, The KC Diamond, has had an amazing year.  It is growing by leaps and bounds.  Luckily, we were able to get additional support to cover costs from the National Wheelchair Softball Association (NWSA) this year.

-       Attended softball tournaments in Houston, TX, Omaha, NE and Topeka, KS and Wheelchair Softball World Series in Biloxi, MS.  We placed 15th overall in the tournament.  At the World Series one player received the "Best Shortstop" award for the consolation bracket.

-       A member of the softball team, John Teegarden, traveled to Japan with the first ever USA Wheelchair Softball team to play sanctioned games.  KAS would have loved to sponsor him but he was able to make the trip on his own dime.


Development of a Tennis Team:

-       Made up of John Watson, Jarvis Stirn and Lauren Wismer.

-       Held weekly practices in Lawrence at Rock Chalk Pavilion.

-       Traveled to KC, MO to practices against KC Tennis team.